Frequently asked questions

1I have tried programmes before, which either didn’t work or I gained back the weight I lost. Why is this programme different?
Weight gain is caused by hormone sensitivity so any programme that doesn’t address this is set to fail. Most diets focus only on calorie restriction without addressing the real cause. At APC Weight Loss Centre, we want to make your body more sensitive to certain hormones that either tell your body to save fat or to burn it.
2Can I do a virtual consultation?
Yes this is an option. We prefer helping with measurements and other baseline readings if possible but most can be done remotely with instructions. Our consultants can consult and advise virtually whenever necessary.
3Will I be hungry all the time?
Unlike most programmes, the APC Weight Loss Programme doesn’t focus on calorie restriction. You will always have enough choices for staying satiated and comfortable.
4Do I get to eat real foods?
Yes, you do. On the APC Weight Loss Programme, you will be able to eat real foods. We will teach you how to combine foods so that it becomes an instinctive lifestyle choice to manage your weight effectively, rather than a temporary diet.
5Can I do this while on medications or if I have diabetes?
Yes. In fact, if you have diabetes, you will benefit the most from this programme. We will work closely with your medical provider to ensure that it is not only safe for you to do the programme, but potentially life-saving.
6How much is the programme and is it expensive?
We have designed our programme to be very affordable. While on the programme, you can actually save money on food and medications. It is also an investment in your future, where you can avoid weight-related healthcare costs ahead and, through good health, add life to your years and years to your life.
7Do I need to do a lot of exercise?
For most people, we recommend only mild exercise such as walking 30 minutes a day. You will not have to undergo intense long workouts to see weight loss results on this programme. Once you have had your initial consultation and evaluation, we will be able to devise a safe and customised exercise routine for you based on your current condition.
8Can I increase lean body mass?
If you are looking at toning your body or simply losing a little fat to feel the benefits of a healthy body, we can help. Perhaps you have had some success with weight loss but the last 5-10kg are just not coming off. We can help you find out why and bring you to the finish line.
9Does my age matter?
The APC Weight Loss Programme can be done safely at any age. If you are overweight at a young age, the earlier you address your weight the better before hormone pathways become even more set.
10Is it easy to follow?
Any new habit or programme can be difficult in the beginning. We have designed the APC Weight Loss Programme so that the basics are very easy to follow. The food “guidelines” are clear and specific. It is not a calorie-restricted diet so you will not go hungry and you will have a lot of great-tasting food options to choose from.
11How do I know if this will work for me?
During your first visit to one of our centres, we will do a full evaluation of your condition to assess whether we can help you accomplish your weight loss goals. There are very few conditions/people our programme will not work for.
12Do I need to come in often?
Following the initial consultation, you will have 3 monthly follow-up consults, either at the centre or virtually if you prefer.

Estrogen Dominant Body Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Pear shaped body
– Moodiness and irritability- especially during menstrual cycle
– Infertility
– Lack of libido
– Vaginal dryness
– Constipation
– Craving chocolate or creamy foods
– Depression related to menstrual cycle

Thyroid and Dysfunctional Body Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Fatigue
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Craving bread, pasta and sugar
– Loss of libido
– Dry skin
– Hair thinning and loss of eye brows
– Cold intolerance
– Loss of menstrual cycle
– Difficulty making decisions

Liver Overload Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Pot belly
– Tired and grumpy especially in the mornings
– Craving of fried and fatty foods
– Craving alcohol
– Bad breath
– Large slit down centre of the tongue
– Joint problems
– Ankle swelling
– Spider or varicose veins
– Chemical sensitivities

Stress Response Overload or Adrenal Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Anxiety
– Prolonged chronic stress
– Trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep
– Craving for salty foods and chocolates
– Memory and concentration issues
– Have trouble staying awake in the afternoon.