Need to lose
weight but don’t
know where to
What if everything you have been told
about losing weight is backwards?
Follow a science-based plan that works
Are you skinny
on the outside but
fat on the inside?
Find out the implication on your health here
Finally, a way to lose weight that works …

Now that we know the cause

Being overweight or obese isn’t simply a condition to be tolerated because no diet has worked for you yet. It’s not just an inconvenience that limits your ability to perform daily activities the way you used to or makes it difficult to find clothes to fit or that you look good in.

Being overweight seriously impacts your current & future health.

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Obesity is a real condition that has a real impact on your physical and mental health. It’s also an obvious physical indication and early warning sign that your body isn’t coping the way it should.

Carrying just an extra 12 kg makes you much more susceptible to a range of lifestyle diseases:

• Premature Death -> 110%
• High Blood Pressure -> 260%
• Gallstones -> 270%
• Heart Attack -> 360%
• Degenerative Arthritis -> 400%
• Type 2 Diabetes -> 2,660%

Losing just 5-10% of weight
decreases your chance of developing disease
as much as 50%
Imagine how you could feel getting back to your ideal weight.

Mayo Clinic

We’ve been doing diets wrong for years

If you are overweight, you’ve probably tried at least one programme to lose weight and it hasn’t worked.
• You’re sick of hearing that you are eating too much, when you know you are not.
• You’re fed up of being told that you just need to have a calorie deficit to lose weight.
• You know the thinking is flawed because nothing you do works, you’re not doing it on purpose, and you’ve resigned yourself to being fat (or big-boned) forever.

You’ve been fed the wrong information
Food and nutrition advice from the “experts” has been wrong for years. And the hidden sugars and carbohydrates in foods that you have been led to believe are healthy have been hampering any progress you may have made.

But it’s not your fault
You were doomed to fail from the start.

They never got to the REAL reason for your weight gain You see, weight loss has little to do with endless hours in the gym and calorie intake or the lack of it. That’s why all these starvation diets don’t work. They aren’t addressing the REAL cause of why you are overweight – your hormonal response to the foods you are eating.

Hormones affect every function of your body, including your ability to store and lose fat.

Unless you get your hormones to help in your weight loss by feeding your body the right types of foods at the right intervals during the day, you won’t succeed.

Fuel your body the way it was designed to be fuelled.

Enrol in the APC Weight Loss Programme,
a scientifically proven programme designed to work with your body, not against it,
to achieve and maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle for life.

Our Program

The APC Weight Loss Programme

The APC Weight Loss Programme takes a three-pronged approach to weight loss that works.

Why the APC Weight Loss Programme Works

The APC Weight Loss Programme was specifically designed to manage diabetes reversal and, by association, the removal of dangerous fats around the internal organs. However, it will work on anyone who is overweight because it addresses the source of weight gain and fat-loss resistance.

This programme works because we designed it to, using the following 4 tenets of success:

1. We set you up for success
We know that this programme will require a change in your lifestyle routine and eating habits that will require discipline and motivation. That’s why we set you up for success through education so that you understand what needs to be done and how you can potentially sabotage your progress. We build the programme around your current lifestyle to ease you in. When you start to feel the health benefits, we are confident that this will be all the motivation you will need to continue.
2. We fuel your body the way it was designed to be fuelled
• Our consultants work closely with you to uncover and change your nutrition and lifestyle regimens. • We alter your hormonal response to the food you eat (through eating the right food combinations at the right time) so that you can restore your body’s normal endocrine and digestive functions and achieve your health goals. • You receive a personalised nutrition programme based on the latest scientific research. • This is NOT a starvation diet that relies on counting calories and you WILL be able to eat incredible-tasting foods. • We fast-track your fat loss with proven neutraceuticals
3. We work with your doctor to reduce your reliance on medications
If you are currently on prescribed medication for lifestyle-related conditions such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes, we closely monitor blood markers (*optional) and work with your medical doctor to achieve safe medication de-prescription over time.
*We cannot remove medications from your treatment plan without your doctor’s support but we can work towards the ultimate goal of taking the least amount of medications possible.
4. We provide ongoing support to keep you on track
There’s a bit of a nutritional learning curve on this programme only because we’ve been fed the wrong information as well as the wrong foods our whole lives. As a society, we’ve moved away from whole foods and towards convenience-based, processed products, and it’s had a devastating effect on our physical and mental health.

Learning to prepare foods that will fuel our day, rather than sabotage it, takes some adjustment. That’s why we have set up a peer support system through our Facebook group. And between our monthly check-in sessions, we are always on hand to answer your questions via unlimited email any time you need some extra support.
Our Program

Reverse Type II diabetes with the APC Weight Loss Programme

Type II diabetes is prevalent in all countries that follow a modern fast-food, convenience-driven, highly processed diet. Its prevalence in Singapore per capita is one of the highest in the world.

Without effective treatment, diabetes can affect every organ in the body. It’s the leading cause of:


kidney failure



heart disease



nerve damage

Our modern diet is literally killing us
Conventional medical treatments are not the answer because they don’t address the root cause. The APC Weight Loss Programme does.

The APC Weight Loss Programme is designed to reverse type II diabetes because it stops our reliance on the type of eating habits that cause diabetes.

Target dangerous hidden fat with the APC Weight Loss Programme

Excess sugar and carbohydrate consumption causes the storage of hidden fat in and around your internal organs.
You can be considered not overweight by appearance and yet store this hidden fat. Known as visceral fat, this kind of hidden fat is more dangerous than the fat stored under the skin.

Organ or visceral fat is now being shown to DRAMATICALLY increase the chances of:
- Type II diabetes
- Heart disease
- Breast cancer
- Colorectal cancer
- Alzheimer’s

The APC Weight Loss Programme is designed to target this dangerous fat.

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Estrogen Dominant Body Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Pear shaped body
– Moodiness and irritability- especially during menstrual cycle
– Infertility
– Lack of libido
– Vaginal dryness
– Constipation
– Craving chocolate or creamy foods
– Depression related to menstrual cycle

Thyroid and Dysfunctional Body Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Fatigue
– Depression
– Anxiety
– Craving bread, pasta and sugar
– Loss of libido
– Dry skin
– Hair thinning and loss of eye brows
– Cold intolerance
– Loss of menstrual cycle
– Difficulty making decisions

Liver Overload Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Pot belly
– Tired and grumpy especially in the mornings
– Craving of fried and fatty foods
– Craving alcohol
– Bad breath
– Large slit down centre of the tongue
– Joint problems
– Ankle swelling
– Spider or varicose veins
– Chemical sensitivities

Stress Response Overload or Adrenal Type


In this shape and body type a person can experience one or many of the following symptoms or conditions:

– Anxiety
– Prolonged chronic stress
– Trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep
– Craving for salty foods and chocolates
– Memory and concentration issues
– Have trouble staying awake in the afternoon.